I’ve watched for years as police in Portland stood down and allowed ANTIFA to do whatever they want. I remember watching one video, where ANTIFA was actually “directing traffic” and bullying drivers while the police just stood there on the corner watching.

I actually went and found that video for you…

You can watch that video below:

I understand that much of that was city officials who told police they could not engage, so it must have been frustrating for them to watch anarchists take over.

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But, that’s all changed now…

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Virginia Police Unleash a Pepper-Spray Bonanza on Rioters Trying to Remove a Statue

Portland Police rushed in and literally clobbered the hell out of ANTIFA as they tried to barricade the Central Police Precinct.  This move comes after they barricaded the North Preceint the night before and set in on fire.

The police finally said “ENOUGH” and unleashed hellfire on the little communist brats.

You can almost hear these scrawny beanpoles crying out “mommmmmmy” as they run for their lives.

You can watch the video below:

The energy in the country is shifting. While Americans were tolerating these adult toddlers for a couple of weeks, throwing tantrums in the streets, they’ve now tired of it and want it to end.

Police all over the country are starting to step up their game and shut these anti-Americans Marxists down.

Enough is enough.


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