Times are not good at the moment. They are the total outcome of no one pushing back over decades and decades to the Communist Left.

I know there are plenty of articles here all the time talking about everything going to be roses and the Left being left in an ash heap etc. That is wishful thinking without much action.

I was thinking today about the so-called protests. The riots which they called protests sprang up immediately in all American cities. That is no grassroots movement. That was coordinated from on high by the real Left. Once some National Guard members were called in, or a few real protesters tried to stop the rioters, the Left went into plan B or C.

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Now we have one funeral, and memorial service after another in the city after city for Floyd and protests are in their 12th day ongoing for at least a couple of more weeks from what I heard. So they are no longer rioting but cities in the US and around the world having to monitor protests day and night they are once again practically shut down. It is another way to lock things down, just using another method. Because of a decade long brainwashing, too many people fall for the “black genocide” and victimhood all over, and the tyrants know it. They produced those babies who are now crying and apologizing for being white or having a place to live or exist. Cops and Guardsmen walk with protesters out of “love.” What love when no one can eat anymore because no one is producing. Everyone is protesting?

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Yesterday one black protester said that it is the ideology that matters, and any black who has “white” thinking has to be put down as well. Some prominent and rich black people better watch out – you will be targeted next. The color is just being used right now because the race was always a sore topic in America.

Worse is the idea that we have stood by and allowed the tenured class to evolve, and to totally dominate the colleges and become entrenched in the public education system as well.

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Our fathers allowed “liberalism” to grow and fruit in the colleges, assuming that intellectual honesty would sort it out. We have seen the left take every advantage to co-opt the system and shut down free speech and the free exchange of ideas. We have witnessed liberalism evolve into outright leftist progressive control.

We have seen the news media become dominated by leftist though with no tolerance and, worse, the abandonment of valid news. It has become the propaganda arm of the Left.

We have seen the rise of the internet and social media. Our government gave special cut-outs in the form of Section 230 of the Communication decency act, which gave libel protections. Once again, we have seen internet-based companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others become dominated by the Left with no regard for intellectual honesty or fairness.

We have seen the youth of America have their minds subverted by the Left through the public education system. Budding leftists out of high school are becoming committed progressives set on insurrection when they come out of college.

This has to stop. What we have seen in the preceding weeks and months gives a glimpse of what is behind the mask of the Left.

Open war is upon us. Even with Donald Trump returned to the White House in November, the festering problem of a political adversary that wants to see nothing but the destruction of our way of life and ourselves. The question will remain.

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People like to delude themselves that if they just cower in their homes and wait it out, this latest madness will go away and everything will be okay and back to normal.

In doing so, they are missing the most important point. The recent demonstrations and riots are part of an escalating pattern, clearly worse than anything that happened in the past ten years. This pattern is a carefully planned strategy, which is part of the transition to a totalitarian regime. Voting, or waiting for Trump to save a country like Superman, is a useless exercise. One possible way to resist this would be for people to arm themselves and organize some sort of defense, but this isn’t 1776.

Voting for Obama was the tipping point, and now globalists control everything, from intelligence agencies to urban terrorists and the police. We only have one thing going for us, and that’s our faith in God. We are going to need it.



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