It’s nothing new to see Nancy Pelosi pull a “Joe Biden” and freeze up or stammer and slur her way through a presser.

We could watch these sorts of videos for hours on loop.

The woman is a mess.

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Is she drunk or sick? That’s a good question and nobody seems to know.

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However, after watching this, I tend to lean towards “sick” once again.

Pelosi lost her train of thought for 10-long-seconds during her press conference where she was lamenting the military presence in DC in order to keep Democrat rioters, thugs, and terrorists at bay.

It was a LONG and very awkward 10-seconds and it really shines a glaring light on Pelosi’s mental health.

You can watch the video below:

It’s high-time that Nancy Pelosi fesses up what’s going on with her.

Is it a sickness? Addiction? Old age?

Regardless, she is an elected official and the American people have a right to know.


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