On Tuesday, the state of Minnesota launched a civil rights investigation of its own Minneapolis Police Department.

Imagine with all the backlash the Minnesota police are going through, losing one of their police stations to destruction, and now the state wants to take you to court.

This action was taken in hopes of forcing widespread changes following the fatal death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, and that was even after he stopped moving.

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So the state has decided to take the police department to court? The police department will need to defend themselves. Who pays for all these legal costs. Rhetorical question.

[Associated Press] Gov. Tim Walz and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights announced the filing of the formal complaint at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. The governor and Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero said they hope to reach agreement with the city to identify short-term ways to address the police department’s history of racial discrimination, and use the investigation to find long-term solutions for systemic change.

Lucero said their goal is to negotiate a consent decree with the city that courts could enforce with injunctions and financial penalties. There are precedents, she said, including a consent decree approved in Chicago last year after the U.S. Justice Department found a long history of racial bias and excessive use of force by police.

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For the naive, here is the flow chart: The State sues the city. The city enters into a consent decree with the state, a portion of which calls for monitoring and re-education, the cost of which is borne by the city. The city pays the third party consultants and advocates appointed by the state to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. The city covers the cost by raising taxes or funding from the state.

What a legal system, eh?

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Civil rights charge against the police? What about the civil rights of the businesses and store owners who were looted, attacked, and outright burned down? Don’t you think they have a say in this? Why did the Democrats in charge not stop the looting and arson so that they wouldn’t alienate voters? So, they just let mayhem reign? Are anarchy and chaos now a legitimate right? Shouldn’t the Democrat leaders of Minnesota be charged and impeached for allowing this to happen in the first place? This is going to prove very interesting in the weeks and months to come!!

Here’s another question. If systematic discrimination has existed for so long, why hasn’t the Democrats addressed it earlier since they have had a Democratic Governor for nine years and Minneapolis Mayor for over 25 years?

Maybe everyone affected by the unrest should sue the City of Minneapolis. There are lots of people and businesses that have sustained monetary damages.

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Oh, and yes, the state of Minnesota needs to file a civil rights charge against Amy Klobuchar and all its Democrat politicians that had the power to take Daniel Chauvin off the streets but refused to.

I do believe policing is a difficult job. If we want better law enforcement, we should do several things. First, we must select individuals with the requisite mental and physical abilities and, then, train them continually to meet new challenges. Second, we must hire enough policemen to allow them to do their job in safety and with confidence. Third, the police force must be continually evaluated, and officers and managers should learn from their mistakes. Finally, law enforcement officers should be appropriately compensated for the critical, dangerous job that they perform for society.

Those who fail to meet the challenges must, unfortunately, be replaced. It’s that simple, but it starts from the top down.



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