Elitist Democrats will sacrifice you and your family on the altar of political correctness – but they won’t sacrifice their own.

Take the Minneapolis City Council for example.

They just voted to eliminate the city’s entire police department.

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From NPR

The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously approved a proposal to eliminate the city’s police department, marking the first step toward establishing a new “holistic” approach to public safety.

The move follows more than a month of national outrage and protests against police brutality in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, a Black man who died after an officer pressed his knee into his neck for more than eight minutes.

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These liberals are more concerned about the appearance of political correctness than they are about dealing with the realities of lif…and as a result, you and your family in Minneapolis, and beyond are in grave danger.

But don’t worry, the Democrat officials making these decisions are not in any danger, because 2 hours after the vote, they had taxpayer-funded private security.

From Fox 9

Minneapolis is now employing private security to protect a group of city council members who have been receiving death threats.

Security details are being provided to three council members, including Phillipe Cunningham, who confirmed a FOX 9 report about the private protection.

In a Friday tweet, Cunningham said he has “received numerous death threats since I was campaigning for either being transgender or outspoken about police accountability and systems change”

Clearly, Phillipe’s life if more important than anyone else in Minneapolis.

That’s why the hardworking people of the city are forced to pay for his private security while their “taxpayer-funded” police eliminated.

This is the “Communist America” that all Democrats want for you and me.

And if you don’t vote, this nightmare will be coming to a town near you very soon.


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