In yet another absurd move by Democrats, the same city council that just took away the police department from the residents of Minneapolis, are now using taxpayer dollars to pay for private security.

And it’s not cheap.

The cost for the private security for the council members is close to $5K per day and has already cost taxpayers over $60K.

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So, while the council members are being protected by private security, the good citizens of Minneapolis will be on their own, fending off the bad guys.

From Bizpacreview

Some of the same Minneapolis City Council members who’ve sought to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department — a move that would potentially deprive locals of publicly paid protection — have reportedly been using public taxpayer funds to pay for their own personal private protection details.

“The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security for three council members who have received threats following the police killing of George Floyd, FOX 9 has learned,” local station KMSP reported Friday.

A city spokesperson told the outlet that total expenditures for this private protection has thus far cost taxpayers over $63,000.

The three council members who’re receiving the security — Andrea Jenkins, Phillipe Cunningham and Alondra Cano — are all black and have reportedly been particularly “outspoken” in their support for eliminating the police.

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This is a very typical “liberal elitist” move.

See, the city council lives matter more than the peasants that they represent.

This is the most blatant and sickening example of liberal elitism I have ever seen.

Reminds me of when the Hollywood celebs who live in gated mansions protected by private security demand police be “defunded.”

They never have to worry about someone breaking into their million-dollar fortress, so why should they care what happens to me or you?



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