What’s going on in Michigan?

I live here and I am asking myself this question several times a day.

Just look at the tyrannical women we have running this state. They’re emotional wrecks, no wonder the state feels like its imploding.

We all know that Michigan will a key state in the 2020 election. Trump won it by a hair in 2016, and while I believe he’ll win it again, it’ll likely be close, thanks to some rather big counties that usually go blue.

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So, I feel like the crazy Trump-hating women running Michigan are pulling out all the stops to try and give Dementia Joe the edge.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is now saying if laws don’t change in Michigan, it could take a “few days” to know the results of the presidential election because of the expected increase in absentee voting.

This is a total joke.

We can go out and protest and riot in the 10’s of thousands, but we can’t go to a voting booth in November?


A shift to mail voting is increasing the chances that Americans will not know the winner of November’s presidential race on election night, a scenario that is fueling worries about whether President Donald Trump will use the delay to sow doubts about the results.
State election officials in some key battleground states have recently warned that it may take days to count what they expect will be a surge of ballots sent by mail out of concern for safety amid the pandemic. In an election as close as 2016’s, a delayed tally in key states could keep news organizations from calling a winner.
“It may be several days before we know the outcome of the election,” Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Democratic secretary of state, said in an interview. “We have to prepare for that now and accept that reality.”

You can watch the video below:

The left is stark-raving-mad desperate to win in 2020, even though they’re running a man with literal Dementia.

So, they’re going to do things we never imagined possible in order to try and win.

If you think pandemics and nation-wide riots are bad, just wait until you see what these commies do before the election.



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