In the video below are some of the most profound words I’ve heard in a while, told exactly how everyone in America needs to hear it.

Thanks for putting it all in perspective and reminding us what we are fight for!

I was tagged for this video on Instagram and it was very powerful how he broke down the entire argument to support Pres. Trump. I found out later that this was from 2018. A lot of Republicans are passing it around during the time of the riots and growing protests across the country.

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America’s youth has been used as pawns in a political battle. You’re such a correct brother; it’s not about the individual people. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with black people, but what’s America going to think about them with the display they’ve portrayed across this country. Racism is and has been gone for a long time.

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I’ll explain these people don’t dislike others as much by skin color as they do by the actions of individuals. There’s good and evil in every race, but it’s how people act that will always be judged.

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Due to elitists and the news media, they’ve caused blacks to now have a horrible image, and it’s set the country back for racial divide. Come together and do kind deeds for others. Come together with a helping hand and bring unity between all people, or everyone will not like the America that these globalists and elitists have planned.

They don’t care about anyone’s lives. They want depopulation of the citizens. They will poison and kill and track and monitor everyone.

Please understand that there are greater forces at work here.



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