The best friend of the man suspected of murdering Madeline McCann believes his friend did abduct the little girl, but he doesn’t think he murdered her.

You’ll recall, Madeleine McCann was the young British girl who was snatched during a family vacation in Portugal back in 2007.

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Michael Tatschl, who lived with the convicted rapist in Portugal and Spain and helped him with a fuel-theft racket and was his cell-mate in prison is 100 percent certain that his friend took the little girl, but he doesn’t think he murdered her. He believes his friend sold her off to an international sex ring –  probably one in Morroco.

From The Sun

He told The Sun: “I know he did it. I was living with him at the time. I was sure it was him the minute the police came to find me last April.

“He even talked about selling kids, maybe to Morocco, I think he probably sold Madeleine to someone. Maybe a sex ring. I didn’t really think about it at the time. Perhaps I should have.”

After a two-day grilling by German police last year, Tatschl expected an imminent charge and “cannot believe” Portuguese cops still have not searched their former home in Praia da Luz, Portugal, the village where Madeleine disappeared in May 2007.

The ex-carpenter, who lives in Graz, Austria, said Christian B “was definitely a pervert and more than capable of snatching a child for sexual kicks or money”.

He added: “When I saw the Madeleine Netflix documentary a few days before I saw the police I knew immediately he was guilty.

“A female tourist talks about the man turning up at her door while her child played by the front door — the creepy guy with acne and blonde hair — I just knew it was Christian.”

Tatschl says Christian B “was a good burglar and would easily climb up to first-floor apartments when tourists were out. He’d steal everything — money, valuables, passports, watches”.

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The friend makes it clear that while suspect Christian B. was known as a degenerate pervert, he was also very greedy and always looking for ways to make a buck. In addition, just a few weeks after Madeline’s disappearance, a usually financially broke Christin B. showed up to meet his friend in Spain with a newly purchased “American-style” camper.

Christian B, who is a German national, was also recently convicted of raping, torturing, and robbing a 72-year-old American woman. This incident happened just before Madeline was snatched, but he was only recently punished for it.

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It’s curious, he has a very long and grisly rap sheet, yet he’s never been convicted of murder, so perhaps there’s some truth this idea his friend has that young Madeline was sold into sex trafficking.

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