I don’t know if there’s a bigger traitor alive than John Bolton.

But is it really a surprise? Bolton has spent his life sending American men to their deaths, fighting foreign wars in order to line his pockets and the pockets of his friends in the defense contract business.

The man has always been a warmongering monster and I don’t know what President Trump was thinking when he brought him on board.

But here we are, and now Bolton has a “tell-all” book that he’s ready to release – and apparently that book has so much highly classified info in it, that the intel community – who reviewed it – says the DOJ could actually prosecute Bolton for it.

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Basically, what Bolton is doing is his own form of espionage.

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Investigative journalist Catherine Herridge published several tweets today on the matter and all of them are very damning for Mr. Bolton.

Here’s what they all three say:

Here’s the first one:

“#BoltonBook Sources close to Intelligence Community review tell @CBSNews
the unclassified and classified declarations in the DOJ filing lay the foundation for a possible criminal prosecution for unauthorized disclosure classified information if DOJ ultimately goes that route…”

The next one says:

“CBS News was told the classified declarations include “highly compartmented intelligence from fragile collection methods including human and signals intelligence that could be compromised.” (This is among the most sensitive, and mandates special handling and limited access)”

And the last one says:

“The sources said foreign governments can analyze this information, and understand how the US government (USG) collection is done, and may change the way they communicate, effectively going dark.

Here are the actual tweets:

Now, the question is, will President Trump push the matter and takedown John Bolton?

I sincerely hope he does, because Bolton represents the swamp and the Deep State. It’s a “twofer.”  And truth be told, we need to start rolling heads around here or these bad guys will never get the message that we mean businesses.

It’s time to unleash the power of the presidency and start making the enemies of the state pay for their actions.


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