Crooked Hillary is at it again. She’s crawled out of the woods to share a fake/edited photo of the White House “dark” in hopes of slamming President Trump. She’s trying to paint him as “weak” and scared of ANTIFA terrorists.

Nevermind that he literally walked outside yesterday, delivered a harrowing speech, and then walked across the street to the historic church terrorists tried to burn down last night.

Yeah, he looks really “scared.” 

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But that wasn’t the worst of it for old Hillary.

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It turns out the photo she shared is not only doctored – it’s also from 2015 when Obama was still in office.

Here’s the tweet Hillary published. She thought she was comparing the “rainbow” White House to Trump’s “dark” White House.

But as it turns out, both pictures are from Obama-era. The dark one on the right was also “doctored” to look darker.

Epic self-own and fail for Crooked.

“Both photos are from Obama’s reign of terror, you stupid crone.”

Another “self-own” from Hillary is the fact that not only are these riots happening in Democrat-run cities, but the people rioting are all leftists.

So, yes, Hillary, elections really do have consequences and we will vote all you communists out in November.


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