You may remember Rick Wilson from his stint on Don Lemon’s show, where he and Lemon belly-laughed while making fun of “hillbilly Trump supporters.”

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s that video:

Well, it appears as if his wife, Molly, is a real racist piece of work.

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Not only did she post photos of her “confederate beach cooler” with the words, “The South Will Rise Again,” on her Instagram account several years ago…

but she also had this to say about “Mexicans” on Twitter:

Back in 2011, Molly wrote: “This is going to sound bad…But I need some Mexicans for about 3 days to work in my garden. #overgrown”

This is how typical elites think of and treat minorities – they think of them as the “help.” They’re not equal — they’re servants.

But Trump and his supporters are “racists?” Give me a break.

Rick Wilson has spent the past five or so years attacking President Trump and his supporters as being “toothless racists,” so, nobody deserves to be “canceled” more than he does.

And trust me, he’s getting absolutely shredded and roasted online over this.

It’s gotten so bad, that his wife Molly had to “lockdown” her Twitter account.

Do you think CNN will continue to have him on the air?


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