You’ll recall Angela Stanton-King –  she is the powerful and dynamic black woman who President Trump pardoned.

Well, she’s blasting elitist actress Charlize Theron for raising her adopted black son as a little girl.

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Stanton-King says this type of thing is what black people should be mad about –  watching a privileged white woman raise a black boy as a girl.


Stanton-King correctly says that the black community needs their black men and children  – she then went on to call what Theron is doing  “child abuse.”

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She’s right.

From Bizpacreview

What are the odds that actress Charlize Theron, a noted LGBTQ activist, would adopt a black child who just happened to be suffering from so-called gender dysphoria?

Angela Stanton-King, who was pardoned by President Donald Trump in February after serving two years in prison for a 2004 conviction on federal conspiracy charges for her role in a car theft ring, took to Twitter to share a photograph of Theron with the young boy, who was dressed as a female.

King included a hashtag suggesting that child abuse was at play here.

“This is what #BlackAmerica should be protesting!!!” King tweeted. “Famed Actor Charlize Theron raising this black male child she adopted as a female. I need my black men. I need my black children. #ChildAbuse.”

King is a Republican politician from Atlanta, is running for election to the U.S. House to represent Georgia’s 5th Congressional District.

And to be clear, Theron allowed the now 7-year-old child to decide, at the age of three, that he was a she.

“I thought she was a boy, too,” Theron, reportedly said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “Until she looked at me at 3 years old and said, ‘I am not a boy!’”

Child abuse may be a mild characterization of events.

We are literally standing by and allowing adults to mentally and physically abuse children – and to make matters worse people are actually applauding this nonsense.

Ms. King is 100% percent correct and we need more people like her speaking up.

Charlize Theron shouldn’t be allowed to have that child in her home.

Clearly, the actress is not mentally stable and is using a human being to score “SJW” points.


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