The liberal media and Dems have been taking a victory lap after it was revealed that “teenagers” on China-owned TikTiok signed up for fake tickets for Trump’s Tulsa rally.

Immature Rep. AOC took to Twitter where she behaved like a high schooler, cheering on these so-called “teens” who ordered phony tickets – needless to say, she was hammered pretty hard for her childish and embarrassing behavior.

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Not to mention, TikTok is a China-owned “spyware” product. Dems are the same people who spent 4 years crying over “9 Russians” and a few crappy memes hijacking our entire election.

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Chris Wallace couldn’t stop talking about the “low rally attendance” yesterday during his Sunday show – as if somehow this is a reflection on Trump’s “enthusiasm level” and not a result of the newly revived COVID “fear and panic” narrative the media trotted out the second they heard the rally was taking place. Not to mention, the 12 days of watching Democrats beat and murder people and burn our cities to the ground.

Also, let’s not forget that a large swarm of angry Democrat protesters blocked the entrances so that Trump fans couldn’t get into the rally.

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All in all, it was a massive media and Democrat-led frenzy designed to dupe, scare, and intimidate Americans during an election.

Sounds like “interference’ to me, but hey, what do I know?

The person who does know what’s going on is Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale. He just released a “scorched earth” statement to the media and Dems who are giddy over this “TikTok” scam. He says these people fail to understand how online sign-ups work. He says the reason why these “scams” don’t work is that they weed out “fake requests” all the time by identifying phony phone numbers.

Here’s Mr. Parscale’s statement:

“Leftists and online trolls doing a victory lap, thinking they somehow impacted rally attendance, don’t know what they’re talking about or how our rallies work. Reporters who wrote gleefully about TikTok and K-Pop fans – without contacting the campaign for comment –  behaved unprofessionally and were willing dupes to the charade. Registering for a rally means you’ve RSVPed with a cell phone number and we constantly weed out bogus numbers, as we did with tens of thousands at the Tulsa rally, in calculating our possible attendee pool. These phony ticket requests never factor into our thinking. What makes this lame attempt at hacking our events even more foolish is the fact that every rally is general admission – entry is on a first-come-first-served basis and prior registration is not required. The fact is that a week’s worth of the fake news media warning people away from the rally because of COVID and protestors, coupled with recent images of American cities on fire, had a real impact on people bringing their families and children to the rally. MSNBC was among outlets reporting that protesters even blocked entrances to the rally at times. For the media to now celebrate the fear that they helped create is disgusting, but typical. And it makes us wonder why we bother credentialing media for events when they don’t do their full jobs as professionals.”

– Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 campaign manager

The really sad part about all of this is that what the Dems are trying to do by messing with the rally registering could be construed as “election meddling.” And it’s especially tough for Trump supporters to fight back because Joe Biden’s “rallies” look like this:

Joe Biden couldn’t get 6K people to come out to one of his events if he was giving away free piles of money.

And one more thing I want to leave you with…over 10 million Americans watched the Trump Tulsa Rally.

I bet the media and Dems are not laughing over that.


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