Joe Biden has the worst luck when it comes to interviews and public appearances.

We’ve all seen some humdingers by this guy – but this has to be one of the most bizarre-looking interviews I’ve ever seen him do.

Biden is standing there, with the reporter in front of him, but the whole thing is shot at this really weird angle that makes the reporter look like a giant amazon and Biden looks like he’s the “incredible shrinking man.”

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I watched this thinking…is there nobody on this man’s team that has any common sense? Or maybe they’re all undercover Trump supporters? I don’t know, but how can they let this stuff get out? It just reinforces the narrative that Biden is an inept doofus.

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Now, don’t even get me started on what he said…that was also ridiculous.

When asked by the AMAZON reporter why Americans should vote for him and instead of listing off all the great reasons, he refused to answer.

Ha ha ha ha…what the heck?

You. can watch the video below:

This poor guy really is shrinking away…literally and figuratively!


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