I’ve seen a lot of drama queens in my day – but this Antifa guy takes the cake.

I read the tweet on this video making fun of an Antifa thug crying over a “scratch” on his leg and I thought “oh, come on, I am sure it was worse than just a ‘scratch.'”

Uh, no, it actually wasn’t…

I’ll set up for you:

An Antifa anarchist was out rioting when apparently he got a “boo-boo.”

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The video starts with him laying on the ground and the “Antifa medics” are rushing around like this guy was just choppered into the trauma unit.

It’s like an episode of ER, this guy is screaming and crying, while the “medics” are applying a tourniquet – mind you the wound is not even bleeding – and everyone is hovering around him, telling him he’s gonna be okay. “You’re gonna make it bro!”


It’s one of the dumbest, yet most hilarious things I’ve seen.

You can watch the video below:

These kids think this is a war.

Throwing a brick through the Apple Store is “war” to these idiots.

Boy, they better never head out into the suburbs…they’d have a very, very rude awakening.


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