Do you know what happens when the liberal city and state officials allow Antifa terrorists to run wild?

These violent goons get a sense of entitlement and it empowers them and they feel like they’re in control and they’re the ones running the show.

That’s why these scrawny weasels think it’s a-okay to just walk up and grab the barrel of a cop’s weapon.

Who does this?

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Certainly not normal people. But these communists are so brazen and puffed with power because they have liberal politicians fawning all over them and refusing to stand up to them.

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It’s like spoiling small children and turning them into insufferable brats.

But what does a brat do when you fight back?

It usually shocks them…and that’s exactly what happened here when this Antifa goon grabbed the barrel of a police officer’s weapon.

In a matter of 3-seconds, he was easting his own nose!

You can watch the video below:

It’s high-time these little twerps understand that they’re not running the show.

They may have control over weak Democrat politicians and officials, but that’s about it.

And when they leave the city and venture out into the suburbs, it’s “lights out, Antifa.”



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