Skinny, cowardly ANTIFA white guys are running around cities handing out bricks to young black men in hopes that they’ll use them to riot and loot and destroy their communities.

It’s disgusting, really. These scrawny communists are orchestrating a chaotic and dangerous situation where they’re willfully and gleefully placing black men in a position to be arrested, or worse, injured or killed, all so they can fulfill their anarchist dream of destroying the United States government.

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Well, one woman is on to their game, and she confronted a car full of lilly-white ANTIFA terrorists.

That woman bravely marched up to the car with a brick in her hand. She handed the spindly dweebs their brick back and then proceeded to rip those losers a new one.

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You can watch the video below:

How dare these little beanpole turds roll into a black community and destroy them like this.

They’ll go back to their mom and dad’s $500k suburban house and sleep safe and cozy, while everyone else is living in the war-zone they helped to create.

We need more people like this brave lady, standing up for the people in her community and confronting these little cowardly manipulators and boot them out.


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