There’s a new whistleblower in town and she’s dishing on Obama’s Treasury Department and how they regularly spied on Flynn, Manafort, and President Trump’s family.

This bombshell story comes to use from Neil McCabe, who is a political writer for the Tennessee Star.

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McCabe interviewed the whistleblower who explained how she started “seeing things” that didn’t seem right and as a result, she decided to do her own little investigation.

She said after examining the “metadata” she realized that Flynn surveillance was not part of a legit criminal probe.

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The Treasury Department regularly spied on retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s financial records and transactions during Barack Obama’s presidency, beginning in December 2015 and continuing well into 2017, Star Newspapers reported, citing claims by a whistleblower.

Neil W. McCabe, a Washington-based national political reporter for The Tennessee Star and The Star-News Network published the exclusive interview on Monday.

“I started seeing things that were not correct, so I did my own little investigation because I wanted to make sure what I was seeing was correct,” she told the newspaper group. “You never want to draw attention to something if there is not anything there.”

The whistleblower claimed that she only saw metadata — names and dates when the former national security adviser’s financial records were accessed.

“I never saw what they saw,” she told the newsgroup, without saying who ‘they’ were.

By March 2016, the whistleblower and a colleague who was on detail to the Treasury Department from the intelligence community said they were convinced that Flynn’s surveillance was not part of any legitimate criminal probe or national security issues, but instead was being tracked for obvious political reasons as part of other illegal activity taking place at the agency.

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The whistleblower went on to say that “they” were targeting other U.S. citizens as well.

She went on to say that “they” would take targeted names from a certain database that she could not name – and then they ran them through an unclassified database, likely to avoid detection.

Accessing this information without approved and signed attorney general guidelines would protect U.S. person’s constitutional rights and civil liberties, the whistleblower stated.

You can read the entire article here.


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