President Trump called rioters “thugs.”

He should have called them terrorists because that’s what they are.

But he used the word “thugs,” which I guess liberals now claim is a “racist” word??

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Really? Because I am old enough to remember when a “thug” was any bad person doing bad stuff. I didn’t realize it only meant “black people.” Who can keep up with all of these rules and regulations to speech now?

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Twitter censored President Trump’s tweet calling out the rioters and looters. This is the third tweet they’ve censored this week.

In the tweet, President Trump also correctly stated that “looting leads to shooting.”

As in things escalate, people get killed etc.

He later explained his tweet, after Twitter censored him.

But we all know this isn’t about “truth or facts, right? This is about silencing President Trump in an effort to win the White House in 2020.

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Here is CBS attacking President Trump for calling “protesters” (yes, they’re calling people who are literally torching a city and beating people senseless “protesters” now) thugs, while calling the Michigan protesters (yes, they were protesters because they didn’t destroy property or injure anyone people) “nice people.”

It’s amazing that the left is so far gone that they’re now defending rioters and looters. That’s how ridiculous and dangerous these communists are.

You can watch the video below:

However, shockingly enough, you didn’t hear the media or Dems or social media complain when Obama used that exact same word to describe people rioting and pummeling innocent people.

But Obama really let those “thugs” have it. He also called them “criminals,” and said they’re not “protesting” and they should all be arrested.

Preach, Obama. I actually agree with you!

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So, was Obama a bad and evil person for speaking the truth back then?

You can watch the video below:

It seems like every single time the left tries to pull a “gotcha” moment on President Trump there’s an equal or far-worse Obama moment to throw back in their faces.

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