Nobody loves Stacey Abrams as much as Stacey Abrams does.

This woman has an ego the size of Mars. And nobody can really figure out why.

What has this woman accomplished, besides winning a local state election?

She lost a governor’s race, even after Obama and Oprah Winfrey endorsed her – and even went door-to-door begging people to vote for her.

How do you still lose after all that?

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MORE NEWS: Report: Biden Insiders Mock Stacey Abrams “Nobody Takes Her Seriously”

Since that loss, she’s gotten the Beto treatment from the media, where the left props up these losers like their superheroes.

And speaking of “superheroes” that’s precisely what  Abrams was portrayed as in a sickeningly sweet and sappy fluff piece written by WAPO.

But before I get to the photoshoot, I’ve got to show you a blip from the article so you can see how the media is slobbering all over this woman to try and make her into a “political rockstar.”

In the blip below, the WAPO reporter is describing Abrams walking on a stage, claiming “pandamonium” ensued as Stacey took the stage, and how she walked as if she were a runway supermodel, smiling for the hoards of flashing cameras.

I mean, this is unbelievable fan-fiction type stuff.

A “supermodel??”

Now, if you thought that was bad, wait until you see the photoshoot WAPO put together.

Below is Abrams, pictured in a cape, with a “foggy Gotham-style” night sky. All that’s missing is the gigantic “bat signal.”

You’re probably wondering how on earth could this woman and WAPO be serious with this? But they are. This isn’t a joke or self-deprivation. These people are all very, very serious.

But that doesn’t mean the rest of us took it that way.

You can imagine the memes and brutal mocking this egomaniac took for posing for an absurd photo like this:

“I can not believe this is a real image that the Washington Post used in their profile on Stacey Abrams. The desire from so many in the media to make Abrams into a larger than life superhero is bizarre and telling. You’ll never see a conservative woman get this kind of coverage.”

“Something is seriously wrong with Stacey Abrams. I’d give her less than a 5% chance of becoming VP nominee, with her chances decreasing on account of this bizarre, self-defeating PR tour”

“Stacey Abrams has no legitimate argument for the Vice Presidency, and it’s ridiculous that she’s even being fake-considered. But that hasn’t stopped the elite media from eagerly enabling her obnoxious promotional tour — I guess they’re bored under quarantine or something”

“i have an acquaintance, a white warren supporter, who has referred to stacey abrams as “a literal god”, and there’s nobody who has come to believe that mythos more than abrams herself”

Stacey Abrams is literally the perfect embodiment of Biden: a bloviated sense of grandeur that ultimately gets played like a puppet by the financial world because in reality they’re too fucking stupid or occupied with themselves to even bother or notice what theyre actually doing”

This woman is making a complete fool of herself and she’s the only one that doesn’t realize it.

At least Beto had the common sense to know that all the media hype was fake and he quickly bowed out.

This woman is the “biggest loser” and the punchline of so many jokes and she just keeps pushing and pushing.

Really sad.


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