Obviously, Al Sharpton has been recruited by the DNC and Barack Obama to run defense by going after Pres. Trump.

This way, attention can be deflected away from Obamagate. They aren’t fooling anybody.

Sharpton spoke with former Republican, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, denouncing Trump’s “Obamagate” references while suggesting that the current Commander-in-chief is chasing “rabbit holes.”

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[Washington Examiner] “He has lost it,” Sharpton said. “He’s made it about his numbers. He’s been so defensive about looking at his reelection that he has not dealt with the gravity of what we are really facing as a human crisis in this country and around the world.”

Sharpton lauded Obama’s decision to host two nationwide virtual commencement addresses on Saturday. Obama will speak to graduates of historically black colleges and universities at 2 p.m. before addressing graduating high school seniors at 8 p.m. Sharpton backed the move by Obama to hold the virtual addresses and suggested it will be a “bad” day for Trump as a result.

“You contrast that with Donald Trump chasing people to rabbit holes, it’s going to be a very bad weekend for Donald Trump,” added Sharpton. “The real thing that I think, Nicole, that President Obama does so well is that as Donald Trump and others chase him, he won’t run, he almost looks at them like, ‘Are you kids playing with yourself, what are you doing over there?’ He stays above the fray, which even makes them more ridiculous.”

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All they do when they spew utter nonsense of this nature is expose themselves as the lying losers they are, and Sharpton has a long history of being a lying loser.

Obama will go down in history as one of the worse Presidents this country has ever seen unless, of course, some leftist writes the history books, then he will have been the second coming!

It’s all about the propaganda to the lefties!



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