As you probably know by now, acting Intel Cheif Richard Grenell is the biggest swamp-drainer in town.

This man is on a mission to expose all of the people who have been trying to destroy our America First President. We’ve been waiting a long time to see justice, and it’s starting to happen thanks to Grenell who is declassifying docs and sharing info that the Deep State has had hidden away for years.

And his next target is none other than Pencil Neck Schiff, who has been working as a Deep State stooge for years now and just came off his failed impeachment sham.

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Schiff has been the biggest peddler of the phony Russia collusion story. He and his intel henchmen have used the lying liberal media to push their false narrative that President Trump was a “Russian asset.”

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We now know that the 53 witnesses who testified before the House all admitted under oath they knew nothing about any “Russia collusion.” Yet, even so, these same people showed up night after night on MSNBC and CNN and peddled the fake Russia story and said they had “proof” of collusion. No, they didn’t. It was all a lie.

But now we’re hearing that Grenell has located a “satchel of documents” that show what a liar Schiff truly is and the deception he caused behind closed doors and he’s set to release the documents on Friday.

From Washington Examiner

President Trump’s top spy chief reportedly has a “satchel” of documents related to the Russia investigation that could be released as early as Friday.

After the House Intelligence Committee released dozens of witness transcripts from its investigation into Russian election interference on Thursday, Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry reported two sources told him acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is prepared to unveil additional documents that will show how Chairman Adam Schiff and other investigators “knew for a long time there was no collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin “even though they kept saying they had direct evidence.”

Multiple Obama administration officials, including former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, told investigators behind closed doors that they had not seen “empirical evidence” showing members of the Trump team were conspiring with Russia to meddle in the 2016 election, according to the newly released transcripts.

Attorney General William Barr received a separate “satchel” of documents, Henry said in a report Friday evening on Tucker Carlson Tonight as Fox News aired video that a producer took of Grenell personally delivering them to the Justice Department.

Henry noted that his sources would not say precisely what was in the satchel, but they expect the contents could be made public as early as Friday.

You can watch the video below:

Calls for Schiff to resign are already growing louder and louder. I’d expect after Friday they’ll reach a fever pitch!

Grab your popcorn folks, things are about to get really good!


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