The people of California, like the rest of the United States, have grown weary of being locked up and they want to be free.

As the worst of the Coronavirus seems to be behind us, the American people, who have been compliant for the most part, are now done being caged up in their homes.

However, Democrat governors are not done with their lockdown orders.

As a matter of fact, they’re doubling down.

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Michigan’s Soros-backed Governor Gretchen Whitmer has extended the lockdown until the end of May, even after the GOP stripped her of her powers – they’re now heading to court. And California’s Governor Newsom is now closing many beaches and providing an “approved list” of things his citizens can and can’t do. Needless to say, after two months of this lockdown, that’s not going over too well.

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The Sheriff in Orange County has also had enough and he says that he will not enforce Newsom’s latest tyrannical rules and says his country will reopen.

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From Daily Mail

California’s governor Gavin Newsom has been slammed for publishing a list of activities residents are ‘allowed’ to enjoy under lockdown amid protests from residents and elected officials over his decision to extend stay-at-home orders and close beaches.

The Democrat said millions of the state’s residents can still meditate, play singles badminton, climb trees, ride a bike or watch the sunrise while complying with social distancing.

Many who have been stuck inside for weeks criticized him for policing the population, mocked him for trying to be an ‘all-powerful’ leader and said his suggestions came straight from a California tourism commercial.

He released the list as Modoc County in northern California announced it would defy his lockdown orders by opening bars and restaurants while Huntington Beach and Dana Point councils voted to sue the governor for closing the beaches in their cities.

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes also vowed ‘not to take enforcement action’ because his community has been ‘singled out’ and the state has ‘failed to recognize the sacrifices made’ by citizens.

‘Governor Newsom’s mandate to close all beaches in Orange County today was a jarring decision that significantly impacts us here in Huntington Beach,’ Mayor Lyn Semeta said in a statement.

Officials in Orange County say they’re sick of being treated like children in a daycare. They also say that the death rate in their country does not warrant the type of harsh lockdowns that they’re facing.

In other words, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

As of this morning, Orange County had 2,393 cases and 45 fatalities.


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