President Trump has been toying with Obama.

From #Obamagate to Biden, Trump is playing a very clever game of cat and mouse with the former failed president, and it’s been fun to watch.

President Trump has been calling Obama out for his role in spying on his campaign.

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Meanwhile, Obama, who refuses to show President Trump the same respect and decency he was shown by Bush, continues to attack President Trump and has gone into full-blown 2020 campaign mode.

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It’s almost as if Trump is now forced to campaign against Obama.

And trust me, I think he’s enjoying it.

Trump took to Twitter today where he shared a very damning video mashup up of Obama’s words and Biden’s actions.

It perfectly displays the corruption, and hypocrisy coming from the former failed president and his buffoonish VP.

You can watch the video below:

Obama doesn’t know what he’s going up against.

If he couldn’t take President Trump down using the entire power of the fake news media, the intel community, the judiciary, and the DNC, he sure as hell isn’t going to take him down on his own.

Grab your popcorn, things are just starting to get good.


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