What happens in Vegas stays there, but when it comes to Sin City politics it can have a much larger impact on the rest of us.

That’s why we need to start paying closer attention to local elections.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the Coronavirus crisis it’s that Republicans have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to local sheriffs, judges, state reps, and governors.

I think about what I am dealing with in Michigan thanks to our tyrannical governor – and while I didn’t vote for her – the GOP candidate that went up against her was a lackluster dud. I could smell his loss a mile away.

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We need to pay attention to the races and make sure we’re putting up the best candidates so that every race is competitive.

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That brings me back to Las Vegas…District  CD3 to be more specific.

District CD3 encompasses a large swath of southern Nevada including, southern Las Vegas, Henderson, and Laughlin. District CD3 is currently represented by wealthy Democrat incumbent Susie Lee. The good news is the race is heating up, thanks to a pro-Trump, #2A advocate, and actress named Mindy Robinson who just tossed her hat into the political ring and is shaking up the whole Republican primary.

Now, thanks to Mindy, it’s a three-way race – and that’s a good thing because the gentlemen who are currently running for that congressional seat look like two derailed trains colliding into one massive flaming wreck.

Who are these trainwreck candidates?

Well, let’s kick things off with Dan Schwartz – who couldn’t be a worse pick if you tried. Literally, I think George Soros would be a more “conservative” choice.

Just kidding. Sort of…

Mr. Schwartz is a pro-abortion, anti-border wall, anti-gun, and pro-tax Democrat parading around in Republican clothing.

But it gets worse…Dan doesn’t even live in Nevada. He lives in a sprawling San Fransisco mansion and probably swaps $13 dollar bowls of ice cream with Pelosi on a regular basis.

Why is this liberal communist even on a “Republican ticket?”

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The next Republican contender is Dan Rodimer.

Mr. Rodimer apparently has a very shady past. Rodimer is a former WWE wrestler (no problem with that), but according to reports, he has a laundry list of “no-no’s” that is about 5 miles long.

Here’s a sampling of what Mr. Rodmier is allegedly accused of:

• Arrested for assault

• Investigated for domestic dispute

• Sued for fraud

•Sued for forgery

• Arrested for assault a second time

• Sued for unpaid services

• Tax lien in Texas

• Sued a second time for unpaid services

• Arrested for assault a third time

• IRS tax lien

• Sued for material misrepresentation

• Sued for non-payment

• Admitted to battery

This is absurd. Every single item listed above would be used to make 10 separate attack ads by his Democrat opponent. Why make it this easy for Democrats to win?

So, just to recap –  we have a San Fran flaming liberal and a gentleman who supposedly has a “wrap-sheet” 5 miles long that are both running for the District CD3 seat.

Speaking of lackluster duds, right?

However, thankfully, this is where Ms. Robinson steps in.

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Mindy Robinson just entered the race, albeit a bit late, but as you can clearly see, District CD3 needs her.

This is what I was speaking about when I said we need to make sure each race is competitive. Putting up a San Fran liberal or a former wrestler with “assault” and a whole host of other negatives in his past isn’t going to make us competitive against the Democrat incumbent. It will make us lose.

So who is Mindy and why would she do a better job than Communist Dan or Captian Insane-O?

Here’s a bit of info I pulled off of her popular website.

From Red White and F You

With a background in film and TV, the now 40 year old actress, host and political commentator has built an online platform of over half a million strong of patriots.

Robinson jumped into the race only a month ago (apparently after seeing the lack of decent Republican candidates in her own district) and is already third out of six in initial flash polls….polls that were taken very early in her campaign, before any materials, advertising, or mailers for her could have gone out.

Robinson is a vocal 2A patriot who’s against unconstitutional gun laws and is currently pushing for universal conceal carry. She’s against raising taxes, wants term limits, and is pushing hard to enact a national voter ID to secure Nevada’s wide open-to-fraud elections.

Robinson’s major hurdle in this race isn’t her strong conservative stance on issues (which fits in well with the district’s freedom loving constituents) ….it’s time.

Governor Sisolak’s unconstitutional decision to force the primary elections to be mail-in ballots only, effectively ends her campaign a month earlier than it should when ballots go out early in May. Having only been in the race one month, getting the attention of Republicans not familiar with her online brand in such an extremely short amount of time is a daunting task, but one she seems actively motivated to do.

While most candidates find it difficult to garner strong endorsements before their primary elections, Robinson was personally endorsed by conservative power house patriot Roger Stone himself. Stone is currently hoping for a presidential pardon over the unfair trial he punitively received at the hands of a crooked and powerful Deep State.

Mindy also holds degrees in both Political Science and American History.

She’s a fighter who has exposed online child predators, as well as crooked liberal Nevada politicians.

Several years ago, Mindy led a campaign against Attorney General Aaron Ford after he tried passing a bill allowing home intruders to sue homeowners for defending themselves in their own homes. Absolute liberal insanity.

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In the end, the bill was pulled, thanks in large part to Mindy Robinson and her public push against the unconstitutional bill.

And, in the spirit of President Trump, Mindy has vowed to give back part of her salary to the community if she wins. Her goal is to help fight the economic destruction unleashed by Nevada’s inept communist governor.

It’s time to get behind all the “Trumpy candidates” out there and support the people who can actually win a race. Enough with the establishment duds, the progressive yahoos parading around as conservatives, and the candidates with 10-page wrap sheets who will never win against an incumbent.

Please follow Mindy’s journey to the House, by supporting her on these platforms:

You can check out Mindy’s campaign website here.

You can follow her on Twitter here.

You can follow her on Facebook here.


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