Someone should go check on failed and disgraced former “comedian” Kathy Griffin, who by all accounts, has lost her damn mind.

This woman needs a “mental health” intervention quickly.

Griffin is either so starved for any type of attention or has just gone completely bonkers from her Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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Maybe it’s a bit of both, who knows.

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But here we are again, with Kathy Griffin once again pushing for the assassination of President Trump – and this time she’s even mapped out a sinister plot on how to do it, by using a “syringe filled with air.”

This is not an emotionally well person.

Griffin then responded to an article tweeted out by Washington Examiner detailing her threats and she doubled down.

So, it’s a good thing that the Washington Examiner reporter Tony D’Leonardi alerted both Twitter and the Secret Service of Griffin’s continuing violent and mentally unhinged behavior.

Crazy, angry Griffin responded to the SS and Twitter alerts with another foul-mouthed tweet.

What is she planning to do to the reporter? She’s 65-pounds of skin, bones, and clown makeup.

Honestly, Griffin is slipping off the edge of insanity, all because of politics?

This isn’t normal and she should be hospitalized.


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