For the past several months we’ve seen Sleepy Old Dementia Joe in his basement.

He’s been giving one buffoonish interview after another, saying all the wrong things, spacing out, and stumbling and stammering his way through, not to mention the barrage of technical difficulties he’s had.

It feels like Joe Biden can’t say or do anything without looking or sounding like a complete clueless goofball.

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And that theory was tested today when he made his first public appearance in a face mask.

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Granted, masks are not the most flattering look for anyone, but Joe manages to make it look even worse.

If you thought Joe was frail and weak-looking before, when you see him in his mask it’ll be lights out and game over.

It was so bad, that Fox News pundit Brit Hume even chimed in and poked fun at him:

“This might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public. Biden today.”

You can’t help but feel like it’s a muzzle to finally stop the “sniffing.”

“It’s so he can’t sniff little girls hair.”

“It helps Biden bc it prevents him from talking and saying something stupid.”

Biden and his wife Jill were not in a crowd, there was nobody within 6-feet of him, so why wear that mask, which in all honesty, looked like a pair of ladies black undies?

Joe Biden is a living/breathing meme.


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