Joe Biden is the type of man who thinks he can do and say whatever he pleases because he has power and money, and there’s nothing the peasants can do about it because if anyone calls him out, he’ll just say it was a “joke.”

That’s what we’ve been hearing since his latest racist blunder where he said black people “ain’t black” unless they vote for him.

Joe’s campaign manager Symone Sanders said he was just joking – but later Joe apologized for his rude and privileged comments.

See, the problem with Joe is that he’s not used to getting called out. He comes from an era where peasants didn’t speak up much. These “mouthy” peasants (that’s us) have got to be tap-dancing on Joe’s last nerve.

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Well, Joe may have a lot of mouthy peasants coming after him again, thanks to this newly unearthed video of Biden mocking the only black man in an all-white band.

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Biden introduced the band and called the man “Michael Jackson” and “Prince” just because he’s black. Treating this man like he’s a punchline in a bad “inside” joke.


You can watch the video below:

You can see by the way Biden treated this man, that he’s a good ol’ boy – a totally privileged white guy who came from so much money and power that random “black musicians” are all the same to him.

They’re all “Michael Jackson” or “Prince.”

It’s really a disgusting way to think. But that’s who joe is…

A really disgusting person.


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