What’s happening to religious freedom in this country is appalling.

Thankfully, President Trump has jumped in and deemed all churches as “essential.”

You can watch the video below:

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Prior to his move, local Democrat politicians were taking glee in forbidding people from worshipping.

You have to ask yourself: why is it okay for 100 people to stand in a line outside of a grocery store for 2 hours, but it’s not okay for 50 people to sit a safe distance apart in a church for an hour?

At one point,  local officials weren’t even allowing people to meet for “drive-in” churches, where they’re securely locked in their vehicles listening to the sermon on the radio.

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How is this even constitutional? It’s not. This has gone too far.

I have been asking this question about grocery stores vs churches for quite some time. It makes no sense. And now, a new report validates my questions.

It turns out that based on the sheer amount of traffic and germs, that Americans are 80 times more likely to catch COVID-19 inside a grocery store than they are in a church.

From The Red Elephants

Traffic volumes vary greatly but on average, about 3500-4000 customers a a week shop at any given Walmart store, while many locations see well above 10,000 customers on any given week. Given that many Walmarts have seen a drastic surge in traffic over the last two months, a conservative average of 8,000 customers a week will be used.

The median church congregation is roughly 75 people, assuming many more Christians will attend on Easter Sunday, we will allow a Conservative estimate of the average congregation seeing roughly 100 in attendance.

These numbers show that you are 80 times more likely to catch COVID-19 inside of a Walmart than inside of a Church. With the correct precautions, the chances of catching COVID-19 at church on Easter Sunday could be reduced greatly, much more so than any supermarket.

Even as COVID-19 grips America, many supermarkets have seen a surge in sales, meaning many supermarkets have seen a surge in customers who could be spreading the corona virus.

It’s fine to be careful and cautious. It’s not fine to literally trample on people’s rights and somehow sell that as “okay” and “acceptable” since it’s only “temporary” and it’s for the “greater good.”

No, it’s never right to do that, especially because it’s a slippery slope that leads to places we really, really don’t want to go.

This what happens when you allow mass panic and hysteria to take over.

We’ve given people with bad intentions far too much power and if anyone knows anything about the left, once they get power, they don’t let go.


We must guard our freedoms with every ounce of fight and energy we have, or they’ll be turned into ashes.


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