As Memorial Day weekend fast approaches, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke to a caller during his daily briefing who asked about beach policies, which he was quick to respond with, “no swimming” will be allowed at beaches.

De Blasio also warned that New Yorkers would “be taken right out of the water” if they violate the rules amid the city’s COVID-19 coronavirus response.

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I have friends in New York, and they are giving me information first hand. The crux of the situation is this — New Yorkers are not real big on being told what to do. They will comply for a while as long as the rules make sense, but if he tries to use force, they are going to start questioning his motives, and if they conclude that he is just trying to cover his butt, he is going to have a rebellion on his hands.

Throw in the fact that neither he nor his administration is popular with the cops; if he orders them to use force, there may be a sick out, it’s happened before, and if it does, he is going to lose all control. Might be the first modern US mayor to be run out on a rail.

[Fox News] “If you want to walk on the beach, fine,” de Blasio said Monday. “But no swimming, no parties, no barbecues.”

“Anyone tries to get in the water they’ll be taken right out of the water,” he warned, while noting that there would be “fencing” that would “be in position,” but said it “doesn’t have to be put up unless we have to take tougher measures.”

“The fencing, again, is available, but we don’t want to use it if we don’t have to,” de Blasio said. “The goal is not to have it implemented.”

He added: “No swimming, no sports … Use common sense and observe social distancing.”

The mayor said that the New York City Police Department would work to “avoid” boardwalks crowding.

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Thank you, Mayor (or is it El Presidente?) de Lousy-O for the prime example of the kind of government over-reach and authoritarianism characteristic of the Democrat party. What a first-class loser!

Did you see how he smiled and couldn’t hide his glee when he said the beaches were closed?

So if NYC still has the no-bail rule that has let a lot of criminals back on the street in addition to releasing inmates due to the virus, couldn’t NYPD just ask the Mayor what crime these citizens committed, if any, and how exactly they are supposed to enforce the mandate considering people aren’t getting locked up?

There is a plethora of verified and peer-reviewed data that is in the sun (production of pro-hormone vitamin d is very beneficial in keeping the bodies defenses up and thwarting flu and coronavirus. This is anti-health and the reason why New York City and New Jersey have more apparent deaths.



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