As a woman, I have to say I am disgusted with the hyper-emotional female leadership in Michigan.

Governor Whitmer is a vengeful, spiteful woman and her AG is a hysterical fishwife who behaves like a jilted girlfriend.

These two lunatics are running the state like they’re in a high school clique, complete with hormones and emotions raging out of control.

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To make matters worse, unpopular Governor Whitmer just extended her lockdown orders until the middle of June.

While states like Florida, Georgia, and Texas are reopening and getting back to normal, Governor Whitmer is hell-bent on keeping Michigan down, likely to try and help Biden and increase her chances of getting the VP slot.

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Democrats in Michigan have weaponized the virus and are now using it as a tool for the 2020 election.

Who didn’t see this coming?

But the female “fishwife” hysteria has gotten even more out of control in Michigan.

Now, Governor Whitmer’s kooky AG sidekick Dana Nessel has announced that President Trump is no longer “welcome” in Michigan.

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Wow, can you say Nazis?

Nessel was so incensed that President Trump didn’t wear his mask during part of his tour of a Ford plant that she just “uninvited” him to the state.

I guess Nessel’s biggest problem is that she has no say whatsoever if President Trump comes to Michigan.

He’s the boss and she’s not.

Also, President Trump was just tested for COVID and his test was negative, so how on earth could he put anyone in harms way?

Once again, this isn’t about a virus. It’s all political.


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