Whose worse…the guy who commits heinous crimes or the officials who willingly release them back into society?

I’d say the officials are worse because we trust these people to do what’s right and protect us and they are placing us in harm’s way on purpose.

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Police across the country are releasing dangerous criminals back into our communities in order to “save” these monsters from catching COVID.

They’ll arrest you for going on the beach, but murderers and rapists can roam free.

From Bizpacreview

California police arrested a man after a shocking attempt to strangle a child and hijack a car only 10 minutes after he was released from jail.

The state’s zero-bail policy amid the coronavirus outbreak allowed Daniel Orozco to be released from the county jail last week following his arrest the day before, according to the Salinas Police Department. But no sooner had the 28-year-old been out from behind bars than he was allegedly committing another crime.

Orozco was arrested last week for “DUI-drugs and driving the wrong way on the road,” according to a post on the  Salinas Police Department’s Facebook page. But amid the coronavirus pandemic, California has effectively guaranteed the freedom of most who commit a misdemeanor and lower-level felonies, setting cash bail at $0 in order to keep the number of people behind bars low to stop the spread of the

“Not more than 10 minutes later Orozco forced a female out of her car in the parking lot of Natividad Medical Center. The female refused to give up the keys to her car so Orozco began to strangle the female’s 11 year old child,” the post read.

“The female gave her keys up and pulled her child out of the car before Orozco fled the scene,” the police post continued.

The suspect was arrested along Highway 101 a short time later and was booked again in the county jail. Orozco was charged with carjacking, kidnapping, child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Police Department post which added the hashtags, #teamwork and #backtojail.

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Many people are wondering…why on earth would Democrats do this? Well, it’s a very “communist” way of thinking so it actually makes sense.

See, communists believe that jail is “fascism,” and the only people who should be incarcerated are political dissidents.

It all adds up, right? Democrats are communists and the guy on the beach is the “political dissident.”  The rapist is just some misunderstood soul who is a victim of his horrible upbringing and it’s fascist to lock him up. He should be coddled and treated for his “illness.”

This is the evil type of mentality we’re dealing with.


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