Chinese State Media has just issued a bold and chilling new threat to Australia, in hopes of stopping them from supporting us in this new “cold war.”

In an article published in the state-controlled “Global Times,” the piece said Australia should “keep quiet” like India and stay out of the spat with the United States to avoid becoming “collateral damage.”

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From Daily Mail

The article said: ‘China will enjoy more room to fight back against Australia with countermeasures if Canberra supports Washington in a possible “new Cold War”.

‘It means Australia may feel more pain than the US.’

The editorial said President Trump was targeting China to distract from his handling of the coronavirus pandemic which has killed 97,000 Americans.

‘The Trump administration is fomenting trouble to deflect its woes over its mishandling of the coronavirus onto China,’ it said.

‘There is no need for other countries, such as Australia, to involve themselves in this ridiculous political play.’

The Global Times believes Australia is merely a ‘lap dog’ being used to further American interests and last week claimed the US coerced Canberra into calling for an inquiry into the origins and spread of coronavirus.

Last month Beijing became infuriated by Australia’s calls for an independent inquiry into the origins of the virus, believing that it was a ‘malicious’ attempt to blame and ‘stigmatize’ China.

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The official Chinese state media also claimed the US “coerced” Australia into calling for an inquiry into the origins and spread of Coronavirus.

Again, it was an article in the “Global Times” that said Australia is America’s “lapdog” and is a US “pawn” trying to create “trouble” for China.

The paper then went on to suggest that President Trump ordered Prime Minister Scott Morrison to call for an inquiry into the virus.



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