One thing this COVID-19 virus crisis has taught us is that our “experts” are wildly wrong about a lot of really important stuff.

Would the U.S. have shut down the entire economy and ruined millions of Americans’ lives if we knew then what we know now?

Back when this pandemic started we were told 5.2 million Americans would die, even if we had 100% social distancing.  That didn’t happen. The numbers were adjusted down and down and down.

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If we knew those numbers 3 months ago would we have shut the entire country down?

Now, that’s not to say that the folks who have suffered and died during the pandemic are somehow less important. They’re not. It sickens me to think even one person died from this wretched virus. But it also sickens me to think about all of the people who have lost their entire life as they knew it because of the economic turmoil. Suicides are up, drug abuse is up, and abuse is up, while some people don’t know what they’ll do with themselves moving forward.

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That’s so unfair.

The mixed messages that we’ve been getting from experts – not just on the numbers – but about masks, about how contagious the virus is, how it travels, and if locking ourselves up like this has truly been beneficial.

That brings me to Brit Hume.

He’s clearly frustrated with Dr. Fauci.


Well, now, after 19 COVID briefings, Dr. Fauci is suddenly saying that staying closed up for “too long” could cause irreparable damage.

“I watched his WH Covid 19 briefings almost without exception and don’t recall him acknowledging this once. Now he tells us.”

Not to mention that some of us have been saying this for months now, and we were shamed and told we weren’t taking the virus “seriously enough” and that we wanted people to “die.”

We’ve been told to “trust science” but we did and look at what happened? They were wrong. Very wrong. And their miscalculations could have destroyed the entire country.


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