After Yesterday’s racist blunder, where Biden declared that black people who don’t vote for him “ain’t” actually black, the former vice president has been reeling from the massive backlash.

Biden set off an internet crap storm with his remarks. Will he lose support as a result? Likely, no. Or at least not enough to matter. But what comments like these do is it gives Team Trump more ammo to use against Biden to depress the enthusiasm level on his end.

The strategy against Biden is not so much about trying to persuade black voters to change their political allegiance (although that would be really nice if they did) as it is to dampen the excitement and hope they stay home on election day.

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Honestly, that’s a more realistic approach and one that will likely work out.

And with James Woods on our side, how can we go wrong?

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Yes, that’s right Mr. Woods absolutely nailed good ol’ racist and rapey Joe to the wall with this one brilliant tweet that went viral.

Woods posted a meme of a “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle that reads “Joe Biden is a ra__ist,” (solve the puzzle) and another image of Biden sweating over whether to pick a “P” or  a “C.”


or “Rapist.”

Both work, and that’s what makes the meme and message so powerful.

Woods titled his tweet “PC…”

Really brilliant.

These types of memes go viral and they start creating a stigma. Joe is now widely seen as a senile creepy old racist coot.

This messaging is among the most powerful out there – it “brands” someone a certain way and once that takes hold in the real world it’s nearly impossible to undo.

So, keep sharing those memes – they’re our best weapon!


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