Charles Barkley is one of my favorite people when it comes to standing up as a man and believing in what you speak about. He has a strong personality and as I said, stands up for what he believes in.

I couldn’t think of a better person to attack some of these issues head-on because he won’t hold back what he thinks. He will argue his position and articulate his answers. I may not agree with everything Charles says politically, but he knows activism.

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He will also not attack or belittle whomever he is debating, which is necessary to understand who he’s debating. I get angry when I see ignorance, but I am trying not to accept it mind you but understand and maybe someday hear what people I disagree with have to say. I could go on, but I will just say my hats off to you, Chuck.

Here are a couple of excerpts of Spencer:

“White privilege is wonderful. I want to expand and deepen white privilege.”

“We’re living at a time in which white people are losing social dominance day by day.”

“We do dominate the world to an extent. Look at the boards of directors of most corporations, tons of white people and Jews, yes. But every day we hear, ‘Oh, isn’t this great that there’s more diversity in this corporation? We need more people of color in films and movies, isn’t this wonderful?’ What is the trajectory? Where is the arrow pointing? The arrow is pointing away from white power. In my lifetime, what’s going to probably happen is that I’m going to become a minority in the United States. But what do I want for my great-grandchildren? I do want them to live in a white society, a European empire.”

“I would never say something like I don’t like black people.”

“I think the country is fragmenting because at the end of the day, racial differences cannot fundamentally be breached. Ever.”

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I liked the way they were able to come together civilly. Mr. Spencer might want to consider moving to Europe where his ancestors are from; that way, his descendants will have the kind of lifestyle he wants for them. What he wants is not going to happen in the USA.

Getting rid of racism is all well and fine, but not if only whites are responsible for mitigating racist tendencies. Racial bias, social cognitive biases of every kind, are universal in all humans. A simple fact of social reality is that there is an inherent tendency to in-group with those who look, speak, and behave most similar to us by default. There are, of course, circumstances in which a group may become polarized, or out-grouping may be more beneficial.

Still, under most conditions, it is a familiarity that propels and maintains social structure – the question then becomes “Does it do more harm or good for the community go against these instincts, and at what point?”

I’m not so sure that it’s doing any of us, of any racial background, as much good as we’re lead to believe.



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