A November 2017 video has been released detailing a police attempt to use a taser on Ahmaud Arbery, the slain Georgia resident from February.

After local officials questioned Arbery why he was sitting alone in his car in a park one morning in November 2017, they harassed him, even more, telling him that he was sitting in an area that was deemed a haven for drug activity. Arbery told the police that he was just sitting in the car trying to gather his thoughts since he only has one day off, but they didn’t want to hear it. The police video obtained by the Guardian.

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In a joint statement to the Guardian, lawyers working for the Arbery family described the video as a clear depiction of “a situation where Glynn county police officers harassed Ahmaud.”

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So they felt the need to do all that because it’s drug activity in that area? First of all, what was the problem? He was minding his business that is harassment they need to have an actual cause to search him if he wasn’t doing anything illegal why do that.

What will some take away from this? They will claim that Arbery did something wrong when in the video, they couldn’t find anything. People will use any lie to justify a black person being harm, but will not admit they were doing because they are black.

It’s none of their business what anyone is doing in a public park, in their car. They witnessed no crime but attempted to taze him. I would support them if they had justified cause, but they didn’t.

And that low-level talking point, “drugs in the area” is so weak; it doesn’t hold water.



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