Governor “Grim Reaper,” who is responsible for the nursing home crisis that caused the deaths of at least 4,500 innocent people is now chuckling over “Coronavirus deaths.”

During a press conference, Andrew Cuomo was discussing young people who were flippant about the virus – as most young people are about “serious things” or anything…

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The really weird part is how Cuomo started telling the story like he was telling a joke at a party.

He goes on to say how this young kid insisted he would be fine, and he was going to keep partying and having fun (the numbers and science show the kid is actually right) and Andrew and another person off-camera then begin yukking it up, sarcastically saying “and then the kid died.”

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“HA HA HA,” they’re just laughing away.

Sick, considering all the people who. did die in New York and so many thanks to this ghouls negligence.

I just want you to watch this and imagine President Trump saying this and then picture how the media would react.

You can watch the video below:

Cuomo is a ghoulish man.  He moved sick people into closed facilities with the most vulnerable people.

Thousands died, and he and the media just shrug their shoulders like “oh well” and move on to the next anti-Trump story.

And speaking of that – these are the same people blaming President Trump for every single COVID death.


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