How can this not be a major violation of HIPAA laws?

What Governor Whitmer is reportedly doing crosses so many lines that I don’t even know where to begin. But I can say this – here’s what happens when you elect a George Soros puppet to run your state.

Michigan is getting what it paid for with this tyrannical power-crazed woman and we need to do better in the future.

Thankfully, President Trump’s eldest son  Don Jr. sounded has sounded a big alarm and brought eyes to this troubling story I’m about to share with you.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] MI Governor Whitmer Says Being Considered Biden’s VP is “Nice Stuff” that Came From Coronavirus

Here’s the scoop:

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Whitmer has reportedly teamed up with a progressive political data mining activist group to gather medical information on Michigan residents and she’s using Coronavirus to make it all happen.

The radical liberal company she’s teamed up with is called “NGP Van” and here’s how they describe themselves on Twitter:

NGP VAN is the leading political technology provider to Democratic & progressive campaigns & organizations.

This woman has given liberal political activists access to Michigan’s health data – how can this even be legal?

As Don Jr. says “Oh Em Gee! This is some pretty scary stuff.”

He’s right. This is terrifying, actually.

The tweet that Don Jr. retweeted claims that Livingston County Commissioner Wes Nakagiri discovered the shocking news.

I did some hunting and I found more info about this scheme on the commissioner’s website.

The commissioner found out about the plot after he volunteered to be part of Michigan’s COVID-19 contact tracing program. During his training, he was watching a series of info-slides on the volunteer program when he found out that – not one but actually TWO progressive political groups – would be collecting Michigan resident’s health data.

Here’s some background on what he discovered:

I urge interested citizens to view slides 37 through 46 as they specifically show training for the Democrat database and phone banking system. (NGP VAN, along with its Open Virtual Phone bank affiliate, is a company that only works with Democrats.)

These slides clearly show the training is specifically for NGP VAN and Open Virtual Phone Bank. There is no discussion that volunteers will have to retake the training because the state will be using another database/phone system. Why would the state waste a volunteer’s time during this crisis, training them to use the NGP VAN and Virtual Phone Bank when they weren’t the chosen vendors? One would have to suspend all rational faculties to conclude that the state was not planning to use the Democrat database/phone system for political benefit. I am confident that any reasonable person also would conclude the Whitmer administration is now trying to cover their tracks after having been caught.

It is important to note that NGP VAN/Open Virtual Phone Bank is not some randomly selected company. There are pre-existing relationships here. The entire executive branch (Governor Whitmer, Secretary of State Benson, Attorney General Nessel) used NGP VAN for their political campaigns. It seems that political patronage is interfering with resolving Michigan’s COVID-19 crisis.

It has been 3 weeks since I volunteered to perform contact tracing. In this span of time precious little has been accomplished by the Whitmer administration. And now, her administration claims that volunteers will need to be retrained before they can be deployed. It has been truly frustrating to see government in action, or should I say government inaction? [Wes Nakagiri]

Whitmer’s team denies that she is planning to store confidential health info in a Democrat voter database.

Sure bet, lady.

Here is the commissioner’s response to Whitmer’s denial which he shared on Facebook:

My response to the Whitmer Administration’s denial of plans to store confidential health info in a Democrat voter database: “One would have to suspend all rational faculties to conclude that the state was not planning to use the Democrat database/phone system for political benefit.” See the entire text as I responded to WHMI’s request for comment.

This is frightening beyond belief and we need Whitmer investigated immediately. It’s time to place pressure on Michigan state GOP reps and officials.


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