The White House Correspondents’ Association has gotten a little too big for its britches.

Last week they kicked OANN reporter Chanel Rionout of the WH Coronavirus briefings because *God forbid* she ask questions that actually matter.

Of course, she’s still there, because as it turns out the WHCA doesn’t actually have any “real power” in the legal sense – and they found that out the hard and humiliating way thanks to a new ruling by the DOJ that took them and CNN down in one swoop.

Here’s what happened in a nutshell.

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A CNN reporter and notorious Trump-hater named Brian Karem has been left out in the cold during the WH Coronavirus briefings due to social distancing rules.

He’s been on the “no-no” list for a while after he had a shouting match with Trump pundit Sebastian Gorka at the WH.

You can watch that video below:

Meanwhile, WHCA tried to boot OANN reporter, but WH spokesperson Stephanie Grisham invited her back, which made Brian Karem even angrier.

He took his gripe to the DOJ, asking them to intervene and allow him back into briefs, but they said “Sorry Charlie,” the WHCA is basically just a “name only” tradition and they have no legal power to keep anyone out or bring anyone back.

The WH owns that briefing room and will operate it as they see fit.


The Justice Department has rejected a CNN political analyst’s legal claim he deserved access to President Trump’s coronavirus briefings, warning the White House press room is ultimately federal property and not the legal domain of journalists.

The DOJ’s letter rejecting CNN and Playboy journalist Brian Karem’s demands to access the briefings appeared to serve notice to the journalist-run White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) that its power to regulate who attends White House press briefings was based only on years of “tradition” and not a legal right.

“The press Briefing Room is White House property,” and Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham “merely acquiesced” to WHCA’s seating arrangements for reporters during the pandemic, the department’s letter stated. [Just The News]

The only reason these so-called reporters Like Karem want to get back into the briefings is to attack President Trump. They’re not interested in truth or information. And the only reason the WHCA wants to silence OANN is that they actually do care about truth and information.


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