It’s no surprise to see that there are several groups of people out there working to make a profit from the current shortage of essential supplies.

We’ve seen all sorts of drama over things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer. But now slightly more severe issues are coming into play as people grow more aggressive when it comes to attaining these items.

To capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic, some people in Ukraine decided to purchase and store about 100,000 medical masks, with hopes of making a big sale.

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As they reached their inventory goal, they decided to set up an advertisement to find a buyer for the masks. They were met with a quick response and made the proper arrangements to make the deal at their proposed location.

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Unfortunately, the deal did not turn out the way that the sellers would have liked it. The Buyers threatened the sellers at gunpoint.

“The deal turned out to be more than they bargained for.

A group of three men, wearing a uniform similar to that of Ukraine’s State Security Service, came to buy the masks. But these men weren’t agents of the state — they were, in fact, thieves dressed up in order to rob the sellers. The men threatened the sellers with “pistol-like weapons” and forced them to lay on the ground. Then they loaded the boxes of medical masks into their cars and sped away in different directions.

The medical mask heist, which went down Saturday, was announced Tuesday by Ukraine’s Kyiv Directorate of the National Police and the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office. Those law enforcement bodies said three suspects had been arrested. Some of the details about the heist were provided exclusively to BuzzFeed News by the police.

The targets of the robbery notified the authorities and provided details, including text messages, that led to the arrests.” [BuzzFeed]

Luckily nobody was hurt in this ordeal at least physically. The three armed men could be facing up to 10 years for armed robbery.

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There are going to be a lot of big problems that come with a disease outbreak like the one we are witnessing. People are panicking believe or not, and with that comes some conflicts that will end up being rather dangerous.

Thievery is an issue, but another problem that we can observe here is the sharp price increases that come with the new demand for essential products. Now price gouging is nothing new by any means, but the way it is done and for what items it is done for complicating the ethics behind it.

As someone who used to go crazy over shoes like Jordan’s and Yeezys, I’ve seen price gouging at its finest. It is crucial to note that the lack of affordable Yeezys is much different than the lack of readily available toilet paper and medical masks.


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