Over the past year or so, many conservatives have left the Drudge Report website and filtered to other news aggregators because they felt as if the previous benchmark for conservative, anti-liberal news had lost its way.

I barely travel there these days myself, but if you check out the once-proud lighthouse for Republican news, you will see a significant turnaround filled with attempts to provide its audience negative news about Pres. Trump.

Not every story is negative, but the feel of the page is developed that way.

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Well, Pres. Trump isn’t happy with the change, and he said so in a Saturday afternoon tweet that made waves across Twitter.

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I never really liked Drudge. He always seemed a little “off” to me. He used to pick and choose what news relationships he had and other noteworthy websites got the backseat. With that said, many of these people who tried to say that they were patriots have shown their true colors in the last few years. There are always Judases who have been bought with 15 pieces of silver. Drudge is just the latest. No biggie in my eyes, nothing here, move on.

I noticed that the coverage of information went from pro-Trump to negative-Trump after POTUS issued the executive order against child trafficking on December 21, 2017. Shortly after I saw the switch in coverage, I stopped using his web site.

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Drudge always had large view numbers due to their auto page reload. It would reload at least three times before you could determine what links they had on their page. Some other conservative websites bolstered their numbers like that too. It never was really a news organization, just a group of IT guys linking to the other “news” pages. Never any real journalism on their part, just riding the back of the leftist Deep State Media.

People are still visiting it; THINKING Drudge is in charge. He is not. It’s unfortunate, though. He would have been better off just shutting the site down instead of accepting money and poisoning the well. Now they are using Drudge (Matt does not run that) to attack us.

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