Stacey Abrams is in some hot water after a 2014 video has resurfaced of her plotting to redistrict solely in order to keep white lawmakers from getting elected.

“I want to frame this in a specific way. Georgia has 31 percent African American population, 9 percent Latino, [and] 3.5 percent Asian American. So we’re 43.5 percent of the population but in terms of voting strength, African Americans vote about 30 percent of the electorate. The Latino population votes at about 1.5 percent and the Asian American population votes at 1.3 percent.

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Abrams argued that there were 833,000 unregistered people of color in Georgia and a drop-off of over 600,000 voters between the presidential election and midterms.

Abrams goes on to say that the data proved “we underperform every single election.”

“That’s our fault… I mean everybody in this room including me, we have great conversations about registration, we have conversations about turn out,” she said. “What we do not talk about is about what we’re supposed to do the day after.”

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Abrams also says that if voter registration groups like the one she operates could harness the existing voting strength, minorities would win every single statewide seat every single time.

“This is not an election-year issue,” Abrams said, instead she calls it a “decade by decade push” in order to gain the upper hand to draw new congressional and state legislative districts.

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“I’m focusing here, but my eye is on 2021 because when we do redistricting in 2021 if we have not changed the electorate, especially in the South, we will have a majority-minority population that is governed by a minority white conservative coalition,” she said. Adding that was “the most dangerous precedent that we can possibly set for the South in the next 20 years.”

Yikes. That’s pretty racist.

You can watch the video below:

Can you imagine a communist like this as anyone’s VP?

I can’t imagine her bringing anything but controversy to a ticket. Why do people pretend she’s done something great or noteworthy – besides losing an election even after Oprah and Obama endorsed and campaigned for her.


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