Let’s face it, SNL is not funny.

It’s actually downright awful. I’d venture to say it’s “unwatchable,” and by the look of the ratings, I think I might be onto something.

The sketches are stale, awkward and more about #Resist garbage than actual humor – and that’s with a team of writers, producers, sets, and rehearsals.

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So, imagine how bad it would be without any of that stuff – just the “comedians” sitting at home in quarantine trying to put on a show?

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It sounds too ghastly for words, yet that’s precisely what they’re doing.

They made the announcement on Twitter and right afterward, the backlash came flying!

Here’s the tweet from SNL announcing the cringe-worthy event. It reads: “This Saturday!!” followed by the hashtag #SNLAtHome and pictures of cast members in quarantine.

So, they’re going to host a show with all of these idiots at home. I can’t imagine how God awful this will be. And by the looks of these comments, pretty much everyone agrees.

“Um no no no no and no.”

“Saturday Night Libs at home. Pass”

“Please don’t.”

“hard, hard pass for me”

“We’re going thru enough as it is, pls don’t do this to us.”

“hasn’t America suffered enough?”

“I’d rather get covid and die than watch these painfully unfunny “comedians” who are only in their position due to nepotism and connections”

“I’m gonna need some hydroxychloroquine to cure me from this bullshit”

“This looks more like a warning”

Ugh. Stop already. We can’t take anymore misery.”

Well, by the looks of those comments, SNL is not “bringing people together” quiet the way that had hoped for, but they are bringing us together – we all agree this is a horrid idea.


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