The sad week has begun. This is the kind of news Americans have been bracing for, Heavenly Father, we are your children, Have mercy on us.

My thoughts about this COVID-19 (coronavirus) is if you don’t have it, you are safe, and if you do have it, it’s a 50/50 chance you something terrible can happen to you. Many claimed that it was only killing the elderly, but we’ve shown you that it’s claiming the lives of young people too.

Most nursing homes with poor ventilation will have Chinese flu (coronavirus) for sure. Japanese researchers have found, opening the windows and let the outside air in is the single most thing anyone can do. Still, ironically, American buildings are not designed for this; it is to conserve energy. That is why indoor pollution is much higher than outdoors, including viruses.

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A Beaver County nursing home is operating under the presumption that all of its 800 patients and staff members have COVID-19, reports CBS Pittsburgh. The Brighton Rehabiliation & Wellness Center, northwest of the city, says they’ll all be treated as such.

Over the weekend, a union representative from the nursing home reported at least 42 of the 450 patients living there had tested positive and three had died.

The union says 10 of the more than 300 workers have tested positive.

Last night, the nursing home spoke with the Department of Health and it was decided test results would no longer be considered. Instead, anyone showing symptoms will be isolated and aggressively treated. It’s thought that will better protect others from asymptomatic cases.

Staffers are using N-95 masks and other protective equipment to try to stay safe. [CBS News]

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How many people will die because state governments are issuing erratic orders to suspend vital medical procedures?

Family practice physicians and specialists are seeing their practices disintegrate. 60k family practices will close or significantly scale back, and 800k of their employees will be laid off by June. That is approximately 43% of the medical practice workforce.

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Nursing homes and other health care facilities should be required to have a plan to address pandemics along with the means to implement these plans. This includes adequate equipment, an adequate number of trained personnel, and adequate leadership.

The U.S. and State governments should immediately address this issue by passing laws that mandate the same and which provide for the means to carry out the plan.

Why is this important to me? My 93-year-old mother lives in an assisted facility, and I worry about her every day.


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