After nearly 6 weeks, Americans have grown tired of the quarantine.

One of the reasons is that the weather is heating up and the other reason is that the new fatality numbers are out and the Coronavirus death rates are shockingly low.

Thanks to widespread antibody testing, we now know that this virus has likely been around in the U.S. a lot longer than experts told us. The new testing has also shed a light on the actual death rates. For example, the death rate in LA is at a very low 0.0018%.

This is a far cry from the “2.2 million” Americans we were told would die at first, and even much, much lower than the later adjusted 200K death rate.

How could the experts have been so wrong? We shut down everything and destroyed our economy based on those expert models. Basically, the COVID-19 death models were even more wrong than the 2016 election polls. Thank God, because who would want to see all those Americans die – the ones who did die are too many – God Bless their souls and we pray for their families.

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In addition, doctors and researchers now say that heat, humidity, and sunshine kill the virus and we’ve been told repeatedly that the Coronavirus doesn’t “travel as effectively” airborne.

So why not be outside? Seems healthier, and people can still distance themselves from others. I know when I go to the beach I always stay as far away from other people as humanly possible, virus or no virus.

That’s why Americans are wondering why it’s okay to be cooped up in a germ-infested grocery store with people (some wearing masks, some not) but it’s not okay to be outside in the fresh air?

The contrast is stark and it doesn’t make a lot of sense so people are bucking the “stay home” orders and heading out into the sunlight and fresh air.

Newport Beach was flooded with people. Lifeguards say 40,000 people came out – double what they saw the day before.

Tens of thousands flocked to Orange County beaches that are still open during the coronavirus pandemic as the hot weather settled over the region.

Surfers and crowds of people were seen along the Huntington Beach coast as the region is experiencing a heat wave that is expected to last through the weekend. Officials urged individuals to continue practicing physical distancing when outside, but that didn’t seem to be the case Friday afternoon. Many beach goers were seen with less than six feet between them and many weren’t wearing face coverings.

While the beach may be open, the parking lots aren’t which forced many to look for parking in adjacent neighborhoods. Officials are bracing for the crowds to get bigger over the weekend.

“We’re trying to ask people to maybe put themselves in our residents’ position and think about the fact that our residents also have limited parking,” said Hungtingon Beach Officer Angela Bennett. She added that while it may be challenging, officers will be enforcing parking violations.

Newport Beach also saw large crowds. Area lifeguards estimate up to 40,000 people were on the beach on Friday – double what they saw the day before. [ABC 7]

You can watch the video below:

Americans are smart people. Nobody wants to get sick. We need to allow grown adults to do the right thing and take proper precautions. But some of these harsh restrictions should be lifted so we can get back to feeling some semblance of normal again before mass depression and anxiety set in.

You can’t expect people to sit, locked up in their houses for nearly two months, fearful that they’ll lose everything, and be “okay.”


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