Meghan’s decision to leave the Royal family so she could have a “Hollywood career” will be a game-changer for Harry in more ways than one.

Yes, he’s torn away from his family and traditions and his country, only to be transplanted into the fakest, smoggiest, over-crowded degenerate cesspool on the planet.

If that was not bad enough, Harry’s life is now in danger. Grave danger, actually.

One of the biggest issues for Meghan and Harry is security.

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While they were in Canada, the cost to secure the family was about $4 million per year for about 15 guards. However, that’s on an exclusive Island in Canada.

America is a different and much more costly beast – especially LA, and while security experts believe Meghan will likely be fine spending her days on a Hollywood studio set with piles of security, it’s Harry who is in the real danger and who will be the “target” that needs the most protection.

“If Meghan is looking to get back into acting and is spending large parts of her day at a studio she will be very well protected there as they already have heavy security.

“My worry would be Harry. What is he going to be doing with his day? If he wanted to go for a jog, it would require a huge amount of planning.

“If he wanted to go anywhere for lunch, it would come with a huge amount of security issues. Hollywood’s paparazzi are relentless and it would need an almost presidential amount of security.

“It could go from 20 paparazzi to 200 people very quickly and would be a security nightmare.

“Famous people, unfortunately, cannot live normal lives and Harry will definitely never be able to do that here.”

It comes as President Trump tweeted he would not pay for the Sussexes security.

The pair responded: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to ask the U.S government for security resources. Privately funded security arrangements have been made.”

Although the pair have said they will cover the cost, Prince Charles will contribute to this as they “get on their feet” to pursue career income outside of the firm. [Express]

Once again, Meghan comes out smelling like a rose while the people around her suffer for her “dream.”

Because this d-list actress from that stupid show “Suits” wants to try and reignite her acting career after hitching her wagon to a prince, now Harry and his son will live in constant fear and loathing in LA, far, far away from their family and culture.

Meanwhile, Meghan is all smiles, as usual.



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