This video is absurd, but you have to watch it twice. The first time just watch and listen to Joe as he struggles and fumbles to describe the “Coronavirus.”

The next time you watch it, just look at Jill Biden’s face. She’s trying very hard to be “stonefaced” but you can see she’s literally trying her best not to crawl out of her own skin as Joe makes an absolute mess of the situation.

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It’s unclear why on earth Jill Biden was attending this virtual Corona town hall, except as Joe’s “handler” or “nurse.”

She’s there to try and deflect from his blunders, but in this case, all she could do was sit in lonely silence.

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You can watch the video below:

I know they have to keep putting Joe out there, for the sake of his ghastly campaign, but honestly, he’s only making this worse for himself.  Joe Biden’s campaign is the latest victim of Coronavirus. Every time this man opens his mouth you’re reminded why


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