What is happening in America right now is bone-chilling.

Our rights are being trampled on at every turn.

It’s one thing to be careful and respect the expert’s guidelines and follow the rules to stay safe, it’s quite another to be treated like we’re “peasant subjects” of the Nazi regime.

And that’s what’s happening now. Local governments are drunk with power and are trampling American’s rights.

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From the crazed Michigan Governor banning seeds and lawn care to the pastor is Mississippi who tried to hold a DRIVE-IN church service and was told by a police officer that his “rights” have been suspended by the governor.

That happened today in Greenville.

Pastor Hamilton of “King James Bible Baptist Church” was targeted after he attempted a “drive-in” style church service after the mayor issued an order banning any such service.

Why? Why on earth can’t people sit in their cars and listen to a pastor preach?

This is INSANITY and needs to stop. This doesn’t even look or feel like America anymore.

You can watch the video below:

We’ve allowed panic and hysteria to totally change who we are.

The lying media spent weeks shoving fear and propaganda down our throats and we fell for the fake “2.2 million dead” number and now look at us?

We not only have the Chinese virus we also have the Chinese communist rule, too.

Which one scares you more?


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